Happy Reading Sign In A McDonald’s In Hong Kong

Happy Reading Sign In A McDonald's In Hong Kong

I took a picture of this sign yesterday in a McDonald’s In North Point, Hong Kong. Some McDonald’s in Hong Kong have a small reading section, which I find very interesting.
The sign says:
The transliteration of it in Mandarin Pinyin is:
qīnzǐ yuèdú lè
My translation of it is:
Parents and children reading happiness

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Funny sign about no defecating, peeing, or smoking in an area in Hong Kong

Funny sign about no defecating, peeing, or smoking in an area in Hong KongI took a picture of this sign outside a public toilet in a McDonald’s in Mongkok, Hong Kong yesterday. The sign piqued my interest, and I decided to translate it. One thing that I find especially interesting is that the writer of the sign mixes Traditional Characters with Simplified Characters. Maybe the assumption is that Mainland Chinese would be the culprits, but I have no idea. I have pasted the sign’s contents, followed by the transliteration in Mandarin Pinyin, followed by my translation.

zhūwèi wénmíng rénshì cǐ chù dàxiǎoèrbiàn huò xīyān
Ladies and Gentlemen and cultured people. This area you cannot defecate, pee, or smoke in.

jiāng shòu è
It is evil to do so

èyǒuèbào guǒbào
evil has its retribution karma will self report

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The Fast And The Furious 7 Sign In Chinese

The Fast And The Furious 7 Sign In ChineseI took a picture of this sign outside the Central Library in Hong Kong today. The Chinese name for The Fast and The Furious 7 is 狂野時速7. In Mandarin Pinyin, it is kuángyě shísù. It is interesting to also note how the various actors have their names transliterations into Chinese.

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HP Ink In Chinese

I bought some new black and colour ink cartridges for my HP printer last week in a computer market in Shunde, Guangdong, China. Here are some pictures of HP ink cartridges in Chinese. FYI, HP’s name in Chinese is 惠普. hui4 pu3 in Mandarin Pinyin.

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Women’s Day Sign in China

Women's Day Sign in China

I took this picture an Aeon (formerly called Jusco) in a part of Foshan, Guangdong, China on 03 March 2015.
The sign says:
三月 (in Mandarin Pinyin san1 yue4)
女人节 (in Mandarin Pinyin nv3 ren2 jie2)

It means: March, Women’s Day

At the top of the sign it says Aeon along with the Chinese name of Aeon which is 永旺 which in Mandarin Pinyin is yong3 wang4

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